5 Tips to be An Outstanding School Paper Adviser

Hello, teachers!

It is been a long time since I made my last post here on my blog. Sorry for not responding to your queries for the past weeks. Aside from being busy on computing of grades, I had sleepless nights to finish our campus paper.

I just joined our Division Schools Press Conference last November 7, 2018 in our division. It was my second time to appear in the competition as a coach. I used to be a school journalist when I was in high school. That point of my life made me to appreciate journalism. Now that I am an adviser the flame is greatly burning.

How does it feel to be a school paper adviser?

Honestly, it is stressful. You need to be an owl to edit and proofread articles. Every SPA wants to have a paper which is error free. However, mistakes are inevitable. Aside from that, you need to train your journalists for individual events. Last year, I had three DSPC qualifiers. This year, I had only one. The nervousness really creeps down to my core as my contestants join their events.

There are times that I feel frustrated. Layouting is a hard thing. I need to find a layout artist who can help me to finish our paper. This year, I had to seek help of another layout artist because the artist we dealt last year went to Manila. I was in a panic mode that I already waved the white flag. Until my former student in college offered his help. I felt relief, but I cannot stop thinking the outcome of the collaboration.

Moreover, finding a printing press is another immense challenge. I tried to be rejected because some cannot entertain us anymore due to massive bulk of papers made by other schools. I am blessed because there was a printing press accepted our paper.

The trials do not stop there.

A school paper exists if there is funding. We collect paper fee with legal bases. The problem is we only had meager amount which releasing of printed copies difficult. As of now, I borrowed money from my family to release our paper. I hope that there will be funding for campus paper to encourage every school to produce theirs. Maybe that will happen if there will be amendments on Campus Journalism Act.

Heartbreaking moments cannot be avoided. I feel sad every time my journalists and our paper lose in the competition. I need to make my learners happy despite what happened. It is part of the contest. I admit that I feel frustrated right now on having no winnings especially in the school paper contest. I also thought of resting our pens and stop operating our English newspaper. There are my friends who are willing to help me in the next competition. I hope the passion is still there. I just feel that I am a failure. But, I need to be strong as I need to continue the life of our paper which was founded last year. I do not want our efforts to disappear.

I just need to set aside victories and defeats. After all, I am here as a sentinel for press freedom. I need to put in mind that I am a school paper adviser honing the budding journalists that could write, sketch, and capture better future of our country. I am here not to compete, but to spread the importance of campus paper in schools and in the country.

If you are planning to be a school paper adviser or if your principal assigned you to be one, here are my tips.

  1. Have basic knowledge in journalism. You need to know the areas of school paper publication. You need to differentiate news from feature. Sports lingo is a must have as an adviser. You need to find out the purpose of a dummy. A paper adviser should be knowledgeable in journalistic writing because it is a specialized form of writing.
  2. Work under pressure. Your paper should be published before the deadline. This is not easy because you have your teaching loads. Balancing is the key. You need to edit articles of your staff immediately to avoid rushing. Honestly, I stumble in paper production because I have to cram in doing the finishing touch of the articles. Have time management.
  3. Encourage your journalists intensively. The life of the paper also lies on the participation of your school scribes. You need to elucidate their presence in the editorial board. Pose a question such “Why are you here?” They should really know their purpose and their duties. Then, you need to assist them in doing their coverage to ensure that they are doing well. If they fail, cheer them up. Tell them that there is room for learning.
  4. Have school paper organization and management. To make your paper successful, you should have organization and management. Select the editorial board wisely. Make sure that you have time for meetings. Assign deadlines and help them meet the demands. You need to make sure everything is fine including the working relationship of the journalists.

5. Benchmarking. As a beginner, it is a must to seek help from those who are experienced. Have talks with your fellow school paper advisers. Ask them if they can give you tips. Having their school paper in your hands is a bonus as other SPAs do not give a printed one. I pray that all advisers help one another in paper publication. I understand that there are secret formulae they want to keep. Let us be generous to everyone. I suggest that all the divisions will have a display area where the paper advisers can glance on the winning papers.

Being a school paper adviser is not easy. You need to brace yourself for obstacles ahead of your way. You need to have a high stress tolerance to survive.

For those paper advisers who are reading this post, I want also to know your practices. I want to learn from you. As of now, I struggle in layouting. If you have a software, I hope you can share it to me. For my visitors especially those I help in their lessons, there is one thing I request. If you can donate for my blog and for campus paper publication, please contact me.

If I Die Tomorrow | The Speech | Manuscript Speech

This is a speech written by Mark Jeffry Laguisma  for the classroom- based contest The Speech: The Battle for the Best Speaker.

To our Oral Communication in Context teacher, Mr. Carl John Carolino, classmates, ladies and gentlemen, good afternoon.

If you die tomorrow, what do you want to do? It is painful sometimes to think that we are going to die. Death is one of the topics that we avoid to talk. Who wants to die early? I think no one wants to die without fulfilling our dreams.

If I die tomorrow, I want to do all I want. I want to have memorable moments. I want to apologize or to ask forgiveness from the people I hurt or to those people that I have done wrong. Moreover, I want to spend my time with my family, have bonding with them and make a lot of jokes to make them smile. I want all my remaining time to be happy.

Lastly, I want to ask Lord for forgiveness. I told my parents when I am dead they need to think that I am always by their side. I don’t want them to be sad. Having the time with them is the only one memory I want to take when I am going to heaven. When I pass away, I do not want their crying because of me. I will always watch them.

I want to go to the important people in my life— friends, best friends, and family to say how much I love them. I want to thank them for motivating me at all times. So that, when it is time or if it is my time to leave this world, I can go in peace.

God bless!

Dealing with Stress | Manuscript Speech | The Speech

This is a speech written by Micaela Juson  for the classroom- based contest The Speech: The Battle for the Best Speaker.

To our Oral Communication in Context Teacher, Mr. Carl John Carolino, to my classmates, ladies and gentlemen, good afternoon.

Every day is a challenge. We face daily battles like waking up early and rushing going to the school. Furthermore, we do many tasks and projects. Even how strong we are, we also get tired. We feel stress. We go to our homes, moving like zombies. You look in the mirror and you get dissatisfied about your day.


When we feel anxious and pressured, we get stressed. As humans, we cannot avoid that as our bodies have limitations.


Stress in everyday life is an obstacle we need to overcome and survive. If you survive, you will win, but if you do not know how to balance things, you will lose.


You might ask me, “What should we do not to be stressed?” All of us have problems. Some are simple while some are complicated. However, some of these problems are treated as big deals but actually they are not. What? Let me explain that. I am stress right now! This is the start. (laughter)


Let me explain my point. We treat all problems the same. We tend to worry too much that we think that we carry the world with our arms. Many stressful situations are not as serious as they might seem. In our case, as a student there are many requirements that we need to finish. These are given earlier but we love to rush because tomorrow the deadline of submission. We blame the requirements for making our face having pimples. A pimple in our face makes us think that we are ugly. Actually, if we learned to do things little by little, we do not need to do things overnight. Another one, you are always late to your next subject (ouch) that is why your teacher always remind you to school early.


These problems are easy to solve. Do not do overacting. Everything will be fine. However, for our ages it is obvious that schooling is our great challenge. How are we going to survive?


Listen to me carefully. Always remember the word “fight.” You are facing a simple problem right now and it is not as severe as a cancer that will slowly kill you. You have many requirements? Then, do these immediately for you not to rush. Always remember, if we know our priorities, we do not need to rush.


Your teacher always remind you to go early in school because you are always late. Then, manage your time! Discipline yourself to go early in the school. Problem solved! Have positive outlook in life. Just what I said later cheer up yourself.


Aja aja or fight, fight. This is what I am trying to tell you. It is your choice to get stressed. Remember, it is you who chooses how to behave and think what to do. Always put to your mind, “Everything is a matter of choice.”


Good afternoon.


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