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Hello, teachers!

I would like to say thanks to those who visit this humble site for the past months. I am sorry for being inactive. I love to give updates about my job and to upload my materials in teaching. However, busyness ate my summertime that is why this blog is not fully loaded with the stuff it should have. Thank you for the trust. I hope my works help you a lot in your teaching duties.

And, I will have lesser time working on this site as I enrolled for my second master’s degree.

I took a one- year break in pursuing graduate studies. I just need to rest and to find resources to finance my schooling.

I also consulted many people before studying as I want to earn a degree based on my specialization. I asked for recommendations considering prices, distance, and catered programs. One of my struggles in studying is traveling. My place is afar from schools offering post- graduate programs. I greatly decided about my school based on the travel time.

After three months of weighing down, I finally chose University of Luzon in Dagupan City.

I enrolled in June 15 in the said university. I was nervous entering the school as I dwell in a new environment. Being an introvert, it is a challenge for me to commune in a new place. The people there are amiable, so I had a smooth enrolment.

What I like more about UL is their trimester system. I can finish my degree fast.

This is my second day attending my class. I need to travel Saturday and Sunday. There is a need to sacrifice. I know this is all worth it.

P. S.

I will really try my best to upload all my DLL. This site will focus more on Senior High School.

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