Valentine- inspired Class Observation | Reading and Writing

This is one of my busiest weeks for me. I did three major tasks that tested my patience and abilities. For this blog post, I am just going to showcase what I did last Monday. It was my third time to undergo class observation. It was tough as I received good remarks in my previous observation. I need to maintain or even surpass my performance for the past two observations.

I do my lesson log writing during Sundays, but for situations like this, I do planning on Saturdays. Honestly, I am very meticulous on what I am going to cater to my learners. I am the teacher who really conceptualizes games and activities to my class alive, alert, enthusiastic. Admit it, you sang the last three words of the sentence prior to this.  I often write my lessons based on current events or recent happenings that have transpired or will just to commence. I am slated February 11. So, I decided to have a Valentine- inspired lesson in my Reading and Writing class.

The light bulb was turned on. I opened my laptop and searched for the curriculum guide of the said subject. I looked for the concept to be discussed, and I became troubled. Why? For this: teach research report writing. My excitement subsided as I realized that my Monday will not be easy. This one is a dreadful lesson for my learners. I think they are now aware about research writing as they see their brothers and sisters in Grade 12 painstakingly doing this type of paper work. How can I make this topic interesting?

Well, I am planning to switch up the topics under purposeful writing. But, I found it illogical as literature review is present in research writing. Position paper and project paper need citation of information— a task which is also part of research writing. I was like reaching the dead end of the trip. I need to turn back to face my fate. This will be bloody.

For this week, I created activities that have something to do with Valentine’s Day. Knowing that this is a red-letter- day celebration, my materials have the touch of red. Making instructional materials requires so much time. Because of this, I worked quickly to finish my log. I spent my Sunday afternoon creating my PowerPoint presentation. I extended it in the evening. I beautifully made my presentation while watching Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho. The show presented segments connected to the Hearts Day that fueled me to making my lesson cheesier.

The third ‘Judgment’ day came. I woke up early in the morning to print sheets of hearts that will be used in the lesson motivation. I also printed forms for the evaluation activity. I came the school with calmness. I am not telling that I am confident, but I knew that time that I was more ready compared to my past observations.

My school head entered the classroom as the signal to show what I store for them. I started my lesson telling that there are questions that are hard to answer like “What is love?” This continued to the What is Love? Activity. I distributed the sheets of paper with printed hearts containing the premise Love is and blank spaces where the learners can write the responses of their classmates who served as respondents. They busily roamed the room as they did inquiring. After the allotted time, some volunteers told the answers.

Immediately, we went to another game which they are paired to unscramble letters. All the concepts they answered were pertaining to research report. The question they sought for answers requires research. I used comparison in discussing my lesson. It was evident in elucidating the importance of interview as a primary source of information as I likened it to having a date. As expected, my learners cheered in a “kilig” manner. When it comes to love, they can relate and they have many things to say.

Based on my self- assessment, I can say that I was successful in driving my learners to our destination. This is not bragging. They gained more knowledge in research writing. The challenge that they need to overmaster is the writing process. I hope the freewriting process help them to write patiently. I told them that you cannot produce an outstanding paper overnight. Many are anxious about research paper because they want to get the best results instantly. I hope my learners are not going to be afraid in doing this herculean task.


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