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My Reading and Writing classes ended Week 4 by celebrating Pre- Valentine Activity. I planned our mini- event for two weeks. I oriented them about my gimmick and I saw various reactions. There was delight on their faces as I relayed that there are games for them to participate. They got more agog when I told them that there will be prizes they can win. “Chocolates, sir,” they exclaimed as they realized that the stuff they can take home are connected to what they are going to celebrate. I replied yes, but when I told them the brands of food I am going to give, they immediately said the imported brands. If I had big money, I would purchase those expensive confections. “I do not want to spoil you. What important is you win and you have a prize to receive,” I stated.  

Upon receiving my salary in January, I went to Alaminos City, the fourth Saturday last month to buy colored papers for our games. I was excited about what will transpire in that special day. I had another week to finalize what we are going to do. I wrote my lesson log designed for our simple occasion. I made sure that our Pre- Valentine activity still has learning. The games are anchored on assertions, claims, and counterclaims that we discussed in the quarter two of the subject.

A night before our activity, I cut red paper into hearts. I slept 11 o’clock to finish the materials. The cut-outs served as sheets where I scribbled the assertions for the games. I was indefatigable that night as I did things for fun. #Effort

The day came and my learners went to the school observing our dress code. It was Friday and the students of the school are allowed to wear “civilian” apparel. The classes decided that the colors to be worn are black, which is the motif of our gallery, red and white. They did not fail me in the code we set.

The 11- GAS learners were the first batch to have our class program as the subject is scheduled in the morning. Meanwhile, my Grade 11- TVL learners had their turn in the afternoon.

The learners took the opportunity to take photos with the gallery as their background while I am setting up the materials. Selfies there, groufies everywhere. After a few minutes, we went out of our room to begin our games.

The learners were tested how far they know the types of assertion in the game I called “So Near Yet So Far.” These are the mechanics:

So Near Yet So Far Game

Materials: used illustration board, chalk, eraser


1.       Turn to a partner.

2.       You and your partner will hold the illustration boards, chalk pieces, and eraser respectively.

3.       To begin the game, you and your partner will face each other in a distance fixed by the game master.

4.       The game master will read an assertion that your pair will identify its classification by writing the answer on the illustration board individually.

5.       After ten seconds, you will flash your answer to each other. If you get the correct answer, you will stay in your place. Otherwise, step back.

6.       The game will have five rounds. The pair who are standing closest to each other wins. 


Supposedly, the song “Kahit Ayaw Mo Na” by This Band will be used for our background. However, I was unable to bring my own trolley speaker. The chorus of the song inspired me to conceptualize the game. The learners were screaming when they got and they failed to write the letter of the correct answer in their boards. Some were extending their hands to their partners as if they were begging for them to stay. That’s life. Mistakes can separate people from each other.


We kept the ball rolling as we played the second game entitled “Perfect Match” which is also called as “Fixing a Broken Heart”. For this, I planned “Where Do Broken Hearts Go” to be played during the game. Here are the mechanics:

Perfect Match Game

Materials: colored paper, wafer stick jar



1.       Each learner will draw a piece of “broken heart” paper from the jar.

2.       When all have their pieces, they will find the match of the heart considering the assertion.

3.       The learners who matched the pieces should raise their hands.

4.       The fastest pair wins.


The learners quickly moved to find the one who will complete the piece they are holding. I saw their frustrations as they had several attempts in searching. In this game, they realized that they should know what is right to have the perfect match. Wrong assertion may result to wrong pairing.


For the last game, the learners’ word formation skills were utilized in our Word Formation Game. Here are the mechanics:


Word Formation Game

Materials: printer, colored paper, tape


1.       Have two groups with nine numbers.

2.       Each should attach a paper with a printed letter. The group should have the letters of the word “assertion”.

3.       The game master will ask a question. The groups will answer by forming the word being asked.

4.       The learners who have the letters needed to form the word being asked should move forward to be recognized.

5.       The group having the highest score wins.


I saw how agile my learners are in this game. They were like running for their lives or joining a million- peso game as they formed the words. We laughed out loud when the learners placed themselves wrongly making their answers incorrect. I want them to learn the value of cooperation/ teamwork. This was evident as they conversed in showing their answers.


While I was busy in hosting the games, my assigned photographers captured our funny moments. When I checked out the photos, I felt the enthusiasm of my learners. They really spent the time well. Due to time constraints, they were not able to perform the English translation of “Buwan”. I just rescheduled it. I am going to cap the event on the fifteenth day as I am assigned to conduct the Basic Education Exit Assessment on Wednesday and Thursday this week.


Why I created this activity? I know that not all of them love reading and writing. I want to change their idea about the subject which is limiting them on reading various texts and writing thousand words. We can have fun while learning. From our classes, we greet you Happy Valentine’s Day.


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