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Days are fast. A month ago, we just welcomed 2019. Now, we are going to celebrate Valentine’s Day. February has just arrived and schools are going to be flooded with heart cut-outs and colorful Valentine’s cards oozing with sweet messages. I am the kind of teacher that I incorporate holidays in my lessons to get my students’ attention. I really set the mood in my class to making them realize the importance of the celebration while helping them understand the topics. This month is full of love, so my activities should be touching the hearts while igniting my learners’ creativity and critical thinking.


During this season, we, teachers, give tasks on our students to create decorations such as mobile or lantern. These are hang on the ceiling and give delight to the eyes every time they are swayed like cradles by the wind. When I handled Reading and Writing for the first time, I thought of a project a student can do that can be displayed as a decoration and can showcase writing skill. Light bulb worked and I devised an activity that we can observe Hearts’ Day through writing. That year, the Gallery of Red came to life.


The objective of this activity is to write an assertion about love in a cartolina or board and embellish it with the designs that have something to do about the season. The learners need to consider the dominant color in creating their output. Every year, the color changes. For the second edition of the Gallery, I chose black for the motif.


This year’s gallery presents assertions focusing more on heartaches, frustrations, despair, love and hate relationship. Maybe, you are telling that I promote bitterness in my class. No, I am not bitter. There are a few of statements that also tell about love and hope.


When I told my learners about this, they were agog in doing their task. They were screaming when I showed the pictures of my previous class’s works. They sighed “aww!” when I gave my own examples. What I noticed was they understood assertions and counterclaims easier when I incorporated love. Nowadays, the teenagers are fond of “hugot” or “patama” statements.


My learners armed themselves with art paper, glue, scissors, illustration boards going to school last Monday, January 28th. They consulted me about their assertions before they write or make cut- outs for their decoration. I asked them the classification of their assertions. They were quick in responding. Upon approval, they started to unleash their inner artist’s side. Cut here, cut there. Paste here, paste there. I gave them two days to finish their outputs.

Our white wall slowly turned into a colorful one. The learners chose their spots and posted their works with pride. They also gave their comments on their fellows’ projects. I am very proud on what they did. I gave time to them to correct their errors and improve their display. To cap this week, my 11- TVL learners cut crepe papers and put the finishing touches on our gallery.


We welcomed the new month with this activity. Next week, I am going to tell the winners on best assertion and best design. It will happen on the last session of next week’s study. I am happy to present to you the outputs of my students.

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