Chronicle of the BEEA Room Examiner’s Assignment

This is the continuation of my tale of being a busy bee for this week. I was assigned as a room examiner for the Basic Education Exit Assessment (BEEA) for two days. I was sent to Cabungan National High School to facilitate the said test last February 13 and 14.

As a room examiner, you need to be early in the testing area. The distance from my barangay to my assignment is around ten minutes. So, I woke up “super” early than usual. For Day 1, my father and I traversed the road for ten minutes. We reached the school at 6:30 in the morning. That was my second time to be there. I love the ambiance of the school. The wide, green ground welcomes you and the trees and plants in the plant boxes are appealing to the eyes.

Few minutes later, fellow room examiner came in. Then, Ma’am Conie, an English teacher working there talked to us. In our short conversation, we dealt with workloads and her condition as a teacher who is a resident in another municipality and designated in my town. I salute her for her dedication and sacrifices.

Sir Alex, the school testing coordinator, arrived and we proceed to our business. We proceed in the school library to receive the testing materials. We counted the test booklets properly. It was my third time to be a room examiner. I tried to facilitate National Achievement Test (NAT) for Grade 9 in 2015 at Siapar Integrated School established in the island barangay of Siapar. My second time was NAT Grade 7 in my alma mater, Tondol National High School which is my station now. It was 2017. The nervousness came back as I feel tense what if I commit mistake in conducting the test. I just calmed myself and remembered that I have the examiner’s handbook as my reference.

Answer sheet, check.

Test booklet, check.

Name grid replica, check.

Board work, check.

I went to Room 2 which has only 8 learners. The room with thirty students was given to the other examiner. Based on the rules, a room should have a maximum of thirty examinees. I called them one and by one. Thanks, God. No one is absent. I read the rules to them. After all the preliminaries, the examinees proceed to the shading about their personal information. They had more than four hours of examination. The EDQ part started at 7:40. The test ended 12:05 in the afternoon. It was stated in the handbook that the subjects they need to take in the first day are Science, Philosphy, Humanities, and Media Information Literacy. I conclude the Day 1 examination was peacefully done. The learners cooperated. No one used his phone. I reminded them to be early tomorrow for the second day of the examination. They promised to be there even it is Valentine’s Day.

In the second day, I arrived 6:35 in the morning. Business as usual. I was happy that the eight were present and no one escaped to celebrate the Hearts Day. “Hahabol na lang raw sila,” one student joked about how he will observe the special day. For the second day, they answered tests focusing on Mathematics, Language and Communication, and Social Science. The test ended 11:35 in the morning. We computed the time allocation and we found out that test for the second day should not end in 11:05 but should be 11:35 AM. I left my room around 11:45 as I reviewed what I need to put in ETRE. I doubled check my Forms 1, 2, and 7 reports as well my copied board work and narrative report.

For two days I was there, I felt how warm their accommodation is. I was fed with scrumptious and nutritious meals. Thanks to Ma’am Analyn. I left a note for Ma’am Jeziel, my kanayon, as my gratitude for lending me hear pencil and tape. I found my experience there awesome. Thanks to Sir Richard, the school head and his faculty for making my stay in Cabungan NHS convenient.

The BEEA is a nationwide test given by the Department of Education.

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  1. First of all it is my first time to be an examiner, and the flow was good though there is a discrepancy in the alloted time

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