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Yesterday, I started teaching Purposeful Writing in the Disciplines and for Professions under Reading and Writing. After four weeks of discussion on formulation of claims, counterclaims, and determining textual evidence, the learners will be tested for the following weeks on how far they learned about critical reading as reasoning through several writing exercises.


The augmentation of two years in the basic education curriculum aims to have graduates who are well- equipped in taking up college, skilled to have jobs, or ready to establish their own business. To make this possible, it is a must to teach them the essentials like writing which plays an important role in the field or decision they are going to make.


To be honest, many of my students find writing activities not exciting, but horrifying moments as they need to write in English. As an English teacher, I have seen many learners sad while writing essays. Some of them are displaying discomfort as they need to find the best words to clothe their thoughts. I am doing various things to convince them that writing is fun.


Going back to yesterday’s session, I explained to my learners the importance of writing in different tracks and strands they belong. There are different writing styles required in various subjects offered in Senior High School. For my General Academic Strand learners, I told them to be knowledgeable on business letters, reports, essays, and creative writing. On the other hand, I said to my Technical- Vocational- Livelihood- Home Economics that they are required to write their job plans for their baking and cooking. Moreover, I told them that in landing a job, one must know how to write his/ her resume and application letter. I guaranteed them that what they need in their respective fields will be studied in the subject.


The first type of purposeful writing we discussed was book review. When I was writing my lesson log, I know that I will be facing a big challenge in teaching this. Why? Reading is a rare activity for the learners of today who indulge themselves on playing game apps and using social media platforms. To be fair, some learners are reading Wattpad stories. But, this is not enough for them to be independent readers. So, I created an activity to check their reading habits. Their answers are important for me to adjust and promote reading so that my learners can write a book review.


I call this activity “Book Buddy.” This aims to diagnose learners’ reading habits. A learner needs to find his partner who will be tagged as “buddy”. There are five questions need to be asked. The two will take their turns in asking. After questioning, select learners will deliver their answers. Here are the questions:

  1. What is your favorite book?
  2. What was the last book you read?
  3. Who is your favorite book character?
  4. What is your favorite place/ setting from a book you read?
  5. Have you tried going to a bookstore? If yes, name the establishment.


Based on my volunteers’ answers, most of them answered Bible as their favorite book. Most of them answered Jesus as their favorite book character. Some answered characters from Wattpad stories they read. Others, answered characters from Noli Me Tangere. However, few of them are been to a bookstore. What makes me sad is some of them have no favorite book. Some are also amenable that they are not reading books. I really need to motivate them to love reading as it is a skill needed for book review writing. To make this lesson appealing, I will use Pinocchio book for our book review writing. I need to start with the basics. Then, if time permits, I will utilize a coming-of-age book. I pray that they will love this lesson.

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