How to Insert Video on WordPress Blog Post? | Empowerment Technologies

There are lots multimedia content online. There are videos and audio files you can access on. You can share these as social media sites such as Facebook allows you through using share command.

WordPress made an easy to share multimedia content especially videos that are uploaded online. For this tutorial, we are going to use content from YouTube, a video sharing site. If you want to put a video in your blog post, follow the following steps.

1. Visit YouTube.

2. Type the title of the video you are looking for using the search bar.

3. Click the video or the title.

4. Click the Share button. It will show you a dialog box containing the link you can use in your post. Click copy.

5. Log in to your WordPress site.

6. Create a new post.

7. Paste the link like this. For this tutorial, I used “Torete” video by Moonstar 88 under Alpha Records.

8. Preview before publishing the post.

There is another way of putting a YouTube video. Go to the URL Search bar, highlight the video’s URL then copy. Do the steps 5 to 7.

Enjoy sharing multimedia content online.

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