Your Friend, Maestro 2.0 Turns 1

It’s been a year since I decided to resurrect my blog, Your Friend, Maestro. To be honest, I was thinking many times about the idea of putting it back on the blogosphere as I experienced troubles in maintaining a blog as a beginner. I was frustrated on blogging. I thought that I was a failure as my former site did not attain good traffic. I felt that I was alone in an island and no one hears my shouting.  Then, I realized that quitters never win. I studied the process of blogging from choosing the design of the site up to capturing readers. I wanted to make sure that my comeback will be significant. My eagerness to join the community of bloggers ignited.


I remember the time when I need to save a portion of my Christmas bonus for my web domain. Before, I used my name as my web address. For my second try, I adapted the name of my previous blog in naming my place online. I went back to Philwebhosting.Net. I really love their services. They are responsive to my queries. Most of all, they have affordable pricing of website services. I bought cloud-unli-basic which is 100 pesos per month. On the other hand, I paid 650 pesos for my .com purchase.


I was agog in installing WordPress as the platform of site. My love for blogging doubled up as I am equipped with the knowledge in creating content. My mistakes are my stepping stones to improve my craft and to solidify my dream to become a writer.


Why Your Friend, Maestro?

I became a blogger by telling things relevant to my personality. I blog about trending news that affect me so much. I also write about my thoughts on the things I love. In short, I blog about my personal life. My journey was not smooth. I met turbulent waves that really made me upset and to stop pursuing my dream.


Well, to become a personal blogger, you should be famous. However, my name does not ring a bell (up to this time). I need to have a huge following especially on social media to attract readers. And, my readers will just yawn as I relay my dull life. It is not interesting. Maybe, they will just stay for few seconds and close the tab.


Because of this, I reviewed myself. What thing I can offer to my readers that is relevant in their lives? What is the stuff I can show to the netizens that is my expertise? I am a teacher and I can help my fellows in their profession. I am just a beginning teacher, but I can guarantee I can give information about education.


I decided to venture for this because as a Senior High School teacher, I know the challenges one SHS teacher face in his class. I want to help other teachers’ in planning their lessons especially that we have problems on finding learning materials in teaching the content of the subjects. This is the reason why I have the tagline of my blog is “Helping the Heroes of Classrooms”. I want to ease the burden. I am still young in the service. I need to dig deeper to understand the content. I just doing my part to help. For those who trust my posts and use these in your teachings, thank you for trusting.


Moreover, I created this blog for me to write my experiences in the field of education. This will be my journal in telling my classroom discussions, programs I attended, my victories and frustrations, and the like. I pray that you will get annoyed with my drama.


Problems Encountered

Like what I wrote above, maintaining a blog is not sleeping in the bed of roses. I have my blogging schedule. My plan is to write daily. However, I cannot do this as I need to prioritize teaching and ancillary works before anything else. There are times I go home tired and all I want is to lay down in the bed. I try to use my free time, but what I want also is just to sit down and watch my favorite TV show. I do hope that I can make my blog with overflowing posts to make it active in the next days to come.


Having a blog site is testing your budget as well. I need to pay web domain services yearly. Furthermore, I need to spend one thousand pesos to connect to the Internet. What worst is the signal here in my place is poor. I need to wake up early or stay late at night to enable me to post content as these are the times Internet is stable. Blogging needs marketing. Sadly, I cannot afford email services, photo sizing images, and blog statistics measurement. I also have problem in installing Jetpack. It is free and it is a powerful tool in sharing posts and checking the blog stats. I pray that the installation of the plugin will be resolved soon.


What Keeps Me Going?

I appreciate the comments of my visitors. I love reading their messages saying that my materials are useful. I appreciate their gratitude. Sarap sa eyes. I hope I am helping them in the small ways I could.


What to Expect in my Blog?

There are many of you asking for materials that I cannot give immediately. I am busy at work and I also struggle in uploading. Sorry for failing to update my blog. I know that we are busy in our lives as educators. I hope that you will still support my site.


For 2019, I hope I can attain these targets:

  • Complete upload of materials
  • Timely posting of announcements (e.g. memorandum)
  • English lessons
  • Plethora of activities in Senior High School subjects
  • Showcase the outputs of my students


I just pray to God to give me good health, sound mind, strong personality, and patience in doing these. I want to write more to help others.


Thank you for celebrating with me. God bless us all.

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