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This is written by Karen Verzosa for the classroom- based contest The Speech: The Battle for the Best Speaker.

To all my fellow classmates and to our subject teacher, Sir Carl John Carolino, ladies and gentlemen, good afternoon. I am glad to deliver my speech to all of you.

I know all of us have best friend, but do they consider us as a best friend too? Some are best friends for long years, but are they really best of friends? Some are kind to us, but when we are not with them are they still kind to us? To what extent are you familiar with your friend? What if all of us do not have best friends or a friend? To whom can we tell our problems if these are not acceptable to our family?

Our best friends are with us in good or bad times. We tell our problems to them about our trials in life, family, other people and especially about our crushes and our special someone. In fact, we have more bonding with our friends than our family. My friend is my second brother/sister and my second family. We consider them like that.

How can we have a good and true friend if some of them are called “plastic” and traitors? Many friendships ended because of misunderstandings, boastfulness, high pride, love life, and differences. Some of your friends only call you when times of their needs. Some are called traitors like for example in your love life. In the first place you love him and he loves you too. In the end, you love him but he already love your best friend. You treat her as your sister but she only made something that makes you mad.

Sometimes we ask ourselves if where and how we can find a true friend? We can find anywhere— in school, neighbor, church, etc. but not all of them are perfect. But always remember this that one to become a friend, he or she should do the FRIEND scheme.

A friend is (F) faithfully supporting you when you are right by taking your side and when you’re wrong by telling you the truth. (R) Regardless of your differences, he or she will always listen to you and respect your opinion. (I) Imagining life without your friend is one of the hardest things you can think of. (E) Everything you have been through brought you closer together and never caused you to drift apart. (N) Nothing will ever stop you from sharing your true feelings because you know they’ll always be by your side. (D) Days will pass, years will fly I have no idea what life has hidden for me but I know I can always count on you by my side. These make someone a true friend.

They say best friend is better than boyfriend/girlfriend. But for me TRUE best friend is better than boyfriend/girlfriend because not all are true to us. So, a true best friend will never leave you whatever worst happen because they love, care and accept you for who you are. So give importance to them and do not leave each other. Having misunderstanding is normal because sometimes it can be the reason to make your relationship as best friend stronger and also you can learn many lesson to that. If you do not want to destroy your relationship as best friend always try to talk to him/her about your issue or problem that might affect your relationship. And one thing more, your relationship as best friend will be stronger when the center of your relationship is our father God. Always make him as a foundation for your perfect relationship.

We must be friendly to all. Your seatmates can be your friends, too. God bless everyone.

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