Internet: The Newest Man’s Best Friend | The Speech

This is a speech written by Clyde Raffy R. Camaso for the classroom- based contest, The Speech: The Battle for the Best Speaker.

To all my classmates and to my teacher, Sir Carl John Carolino, I am glad to see you all and I am happy for the chance to speak.

Many people are using the Internet. According to the news, there are 57 million Filipinos who are browsing the World Wide Web. Nowadays, we can say that Internet is the man’s best friend. There are many things people can do in the virtual world and some that I am going to tell you are social media platforms.

Facebook allows one person to see the activities of their friends through the posts and media uploaded. People use this platform to stay connected with their friends and family. Furthermore, this is used to discover what is going on in the world. Right now, we go to Facebook to share and express our sentiments, our opinions in everything that affects us. I bet that your FB accounts are flooded with photos about our speech activities. Do not forget to tag me.

We can now watch the whole world and even universe because of YouTube. This platform has many videos to cater be it documentaries, news clips, and funny videos. YouTube is fun but you need to have a strong Internet connection. In the Philippines, unfortunately we have slow Internet speed that can destroy the momentum of enjoyment.

On the other hand, for those who are always searching, you have now a friend: Google. If you want to know how to cook a recipe or if you have your assignment, just type your query and Google has answers. If you are searching for the one, the search site can be the answer to your yearning heart.

You can do more with Internet. You can play games, you can do projects, you can have a job. But, we should not abuse it. Use it to connect with people, not to destroy others. And, we should be careful in surfing because lies and fake are present in various online sites. Do not be fooled. Be wise.

It is nice to be in the virtual world, but we should not forget that there is a real world that we need to face. I am glad to see you face to face and listen to me personally. Thank you and God bless you all.

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