If I Die Tomorrow | The Speech | Manuscript Speech

This is a speech written by Mark Jeffry Laguisma  for the classroom- based contest The Speech: The Battle for the Best Speaker.

To our Oral Communication in Context teacher, Mr. Carl John Carolino, classmates, ladies and gentlemen, good afternoon.

If you die tomorrow, what do you want to do? It is painful sometimes to think that we are going to die. Death is one of the topics that we avoid to talk. Who wants to die early? I think no one wants to die without fulfilling our dreams.

If I die tomorrow, I want to do all I want. I want to have memorable moments. I want to apologize or to ask forgiveness from the people I hurt or to those people that I have done wrong. Moreover, I want to spend my time with my family, have bonding with them and make a lot of jokes to make them smile. I want all my remaining time to be happy.

Lastly, I want to ask Lord for forgiveness. I told my parents when I am dead they need to think that I am always by their side. I don’t want them to be sad. Having the time with them is the only one memory I want to take when I am going to heaven. When I pass away, I do not want their crying because of me. I will always watch them.

I want to go to the important people in my life— friends, best friends, and family to say how much I love them. I want to thank them for motivating me at all times. So that, when it is time or if it is my time to leave this world, I can go in peace.

God bless!

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