Sample Human Resource Policy Review Position Paper

I wrote this output for my subject EDM 214 Personnel Management in the Master’s Degree program I graduated.


A Human Resource Policy Review Position Paper

Presented to

Dr. Nova Arquillano


In Partial Fulfillment

of the Requirements for the Course Subject

EDM 214 Personnel Management








Every opening of the school year, we can hear manifold clamor in the public basic education schools. Inadequacies of classrooms, books, restrooms are rampant in every school that these shortages are seemed incurable. Aside from physical facilities, the Department of Education (DepEd) is facing problem in terms of human resource. Yearly, there are news reports telling that the country has an insufficient number of teachers.  In 2015, Kabataan Party-list Teddy Ridon stated in a press conference done at University of the Philippines that there are shortages that public schools to address. According to Ridon, “The school year will open in a bleak tone, with students and parents not only facing new and higher fees, but also the same old problem of shortages in classrooms, books, teachers, and facilities.” ( He mentioned that to accommodate 21 million expected enrollees during that year, 114,304 teachers are needed based on 1:30 teacher-student ratio.

As we all know, teachers are human capital that greatly maneuvers the direction of our educational system and policies. To them lie the success of the implemented curriculum and the success of children after leaving the portals of the basic education institution. Thus the department needs to make sure that all schools across the country should have competent teachers to mold the next generation.

For the previous years, the government is struggling with solving and even mitigating the problem behind the lacking of a number of teachers. This problem is mild in schools located near town proper and city proper, but it is severe in the far-flung areas especially in the islands and mountainous regions.

The state has found a panacea to this predicament with the enactment of Local Government Code or RA 7160. The said republic act stipulates the creation of a local school board (Section 98). This board is tasked to give solutions to all the problems existing in elementary, integrated and secondary schools under their governance (Section 99) ( So, the local school board will answer the backlogs of the state in terms of physical facilities and human resource. If one school has inadequate regular permanent teachers to accommodate all the students, the school can request to the municipality or the city government to have local school board teachers.

The local school board (LSB) teacher is a licensed professional teacher who does the duties and responsibilities of a regular permanent teacher. However, the local school board teacher does not receive the same salary and benefits of a regular permanent teacher. The local school board is in charge of paying the service of the LSB teacher. An LSB teacher is like a contractual worker ( Anytime a regular teacher is appointed in the school, the contract of the LSB teacher lapsed. There is no security of tenure for LSB teachers.

Even that the stay of these teachers in schools is ephemeral, they also have the advantage. They have the working experience which will be converted into points as they apply for Teacher I position at DepEd. Based on DepEd Order No. 7, s. 2015, the teacher applicant who has served as LSB teacher will receive additional points aside from what he obtained in the teaching experience category. Furthermore, they have familiarized themselves on the recurrent system of education. It is easy for them to adapt to the dynamism happening in the department.

The writer was given an opportunity to become a local school board teacher for two months. On his dealings with the other school board teachers, some of his colleagues have been applying for more than two years. Teacher A, who has a specialization of Technology and Livelihood Education started her third year as LSB teacher in Anda Integrated School before she was appointed Teacher I in San Jose National High School. TLE degree holders are in demand in K- 12 curriculum. It is expected that she should have been hired by the department earlier. Teacher B, also a TLE major graduate taught in Awag Integrated School, Awag, Anda, Pangasinan for a year. She applied for the second time but she failed to enter the Registry of Qualified Applicants (RQA).

It is a great challenge to be part of the DepEd family nowadays. The Philippine Teachers Professionalization Act (Republic Act No. 7836) is strictly followed. Public school teachers should pass Licensure Examination for Teachers (LET). Then, he needs to garner specialized skills and teaching experience. After that, he needs to undergo a difficult job application. Department of Education uses DepEd Order No.7, s. 2015 which is an applicant should get 70 points and above. If in case that the number of qualified applicants is not enough, that will be the time that the department will use DepEd Order No. 22, s. 2015. The writer and his colleagues qualified on the latter department order.

Finally, the writer’s colleagues in Anda IS were appointed as Teacher I last year but deployed in other school and in other municipality. In the short time that the writer worked as LSB teacher, he felt the hardships of a contractual teacher.

His experience as an LSB teacher inspired him to create this position paper. The paper wants to discuss the prioritization of LSB teachers to be hired first than the other applicants. The Department of Education should ensure that all teachers who serve as volunteers and as local school board teacher for a year and above are the top priority. They have known the system already and their sacrifices are invaluable. They have shown chauvinism as they serve the localities that are in dire need of teachers.

  1. Statement Explaining the Relevance of the Policy to HR

The position of the writer on this issue has relevance to how the DepEd manages its human resource. It is apparent that to be part of the roster of DepEd teachers, the applicants need to undergo intense screening. By putting consideration on LSB teachers, DepEd will have lesser problems in hiring competent and tenacious educators because they are going to hire teachers that have seen and worked under the agency. It will be beneficial because the department can save money on orienting newly- hired teachers like how to cascade the curriculum.

Now, that DepEd is still yearned to curtail the shortage of a number of teachers, it is the right time to accommodate the said teachers to be permanent teachers. The number of students in public school is flourishing over the past years. There are now elementary schools converted to integrated schools that enable the elementary graduates not to travel far to have a high school education. This scenario needs teachers to cater quality education for the young dreamers.

For the case of Anda Integrated School, the school underwent a two- year transition period before it is approved by the DepEd to become an integrated school. For those years, the Municipality of Anda financed the compensation of those teachers. Unfortunately, those LSB teachers were hired to another school. There were two left LSB teachers in the school including the writer. If the DepEd is tracking the applicants, those teachers do not need to leave the area and just continue the public service they are practicing for the past two years.

C.Objective Analysis

There is no specific law and a current department order or memorandum that declares LSB teachers should be prioritized before the other applicants. But, these teachers do hold eligibility and other qualifications which are based on several legal documents.

LSB teachers and public school teachers share the same qualifications. They are graduates of college or university recognized by the government (Republic Act No. 9293, the amended R.A. 7836, Section 15 Qualification Requirements of Applicant). They are able to obtain their license after taking an examination to become a professional teacher (Republic Act No. 7836, Art. III, Section 13). They have skills that are useful in their teaching profession.

Indicated on the Basic Rules on Hiring and Deployment of Teacher Positions that residents of the locality, LGU-funded teachers, substitute teachers, volunteer teachers, and Philippine Business for Education (PBEd) graduate under the 1000 Teachers Program (1000 TP) shall be subject to these hiring guidelines (DepEd Order No. 7, s. 2015, 4. 3).

Based on 7.0 of the abovementioned order which is the Evaluation and Selection Procedure and Criteria, teaching experience has the big chunk in the overall points of teachers which 15 points. On the pointing system under teaching experience, one month is equivalent to 0.15 points. LSB teachers also are known as LGU- funded teachers shall obtain bonus points as follows: less than 2 years of experience = + 1 point; 2 to less than 5 years of experience + +2 points; and 5 or more years of experience – +3 points. If we are going to observe the figures, we can identify that a Local School Board teacher may reach five years or move just to be employed.

Based on the said department order, Local School Board Teachers somehow have an edge to their rivals. But, the advantage is not guaranteed for a teaching position. There is a high probability that he or she will be deployed but not at the school he or she has started.

Based on 3.2.1 of DepEd Order No. 7, s. 2015, an applicant who has taught as an LGU-funded teacher, Kindergarten Volunteer Teacher (KVT) or substitute teacher for at least one (1) school year in the barangay, municipality, city or province where the school being applied to for a teaching position is located shall also be considered as a bona fide resident, to be validated by a certificate of employment. Even that they are considered a bona fide resident, the hired applicant may not get the item in the school where he worked as an LSB teacher.

D.Effects of the Policy

This claim will greatly affect the human resource policy being implemented by the DepEd. The prioritization of local school board teachers has the following positive effects:

  1. Local School Board teachers are assured that their sacrifices are honored by DepEd; and
  2. The burden of the screening committee will be lessened for they will not exert much effort to look for the teachers who can adapt in the system because the LSB teachers have experiences while working in the department. The human resource personnel should think about the long-term effects of absorbing LSB teachers in the department. The department can save money and resources in boosting teachers and the department can answer the urgency in finding teachers who are badly needed by schools especially schools that are newly established or integrated schools that are on the early pace of establishment.

On the other hand, this might be discriminatory for the other applicants who worked in a private school to get teaching experience. But, the writer believes that the immersion of LSB teachers in the system is a plus factor because they have different levels of difficulty in teaching. Private school teachers commonly have 30 students in a classroom while LSB teachers can have 30 to 100 students (

DepEd should act immediately in this case because the talents or potentials are present through the years. They should tap them before these teachers embark on another quest in other professions/ jobs.



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