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Final Exam in Program/Project Planning and Evaluation


August 6, 2016


  1. Project Title: Project B.O.A.R.D. (Blackboards On AIS Rooms & Departments)


Work Unit/Office/ Department: DepEd- Anda/ Anda Integrated School/ High School Department


Proponent: Carl John C. Carolino


Designation: Teacher I


Timeline of Project: August 19, 2016


  1. Project Description
  2. Introduction/ Rationale


This proposed project, Project B.O.A.R.D (Blackboards On AIS Rooms & Departments) aims to solve the inadequacy of blackboards and bulletin boards in classrooms and offices of Anda Integrated School. Boards are very important in teaching- learning process and on information dissemination. Due to the fluctuation in the student population and the creation of the high school department, the number of boards cannot suffice the needs of everyone. By granting this proposal, the school teachers can illustrate concepts on the board and entice learning through bulletin boards and the administration can put the pertinent information in conspicuous places.


  1. Constraints

The following are the predicaments that the project team/ technical and working committee might encounter:

  • Budget/ capital/ materials- At present, the school is only utilizing the Maintenance and Other Operating Expenses (MOOE) of the elementary Thus the fund is not enough to address all the needs of the two departments. Furthermore, the school does not have materials like paints in creating boards.
  • Manpower- the school needs people who will create bulletin boards. Teachers cannot do the job of their teaching loads.


  1. Cooperating Units

The proponent needs people to do this Herculean task. The following organizations will be tapped to make the project successful:


  1. Anda Integrated School Teachers Faculty Club
  2. Parents- Teachers Association (Elementary and High School)
  3. Barangay Poblacion Council


  • Composition of Manpower with their Functions


Chair:                     Carl John C. Carolino


Members:               Mrs. Ernie Bauzon (AIS Teachers Faculty Club President)

Mrs. Grace Aqui     (AIS Teachers Faculty Club Vice President)

Mr. Raul Arig         (PTA President Elementary)

Mr. Berting Calinog      (PTA President High School)

Punong Barangay Arnel P. Catabay (Poblacion)


Consultants:           Alex M. Mamaril, Principal II

Ruth C. Caalaman, Ed. D., Monitoring Supervisor


Production Staff

Chair/ Team Leader:           Carl John C. Carolino


  • Spearhead meetings and program/ project launching.
  • Monitor the development of the project by checking the process of the creation of the outputs and updating all the concerned individuals on the deadline.
  • Lead the team in the creation of an accomplishment
  • Assess the outcomes of the project.


Members:               AIS Teachers Faculty Club, PTA Presidents, and Barangay Council


  • Create budget statements.
  • Suggest ways of how to collect funds.
  • Convince parents/ members to join in the creation and installments of blackboards.
  • Do auditing and accounting on the financial aspect of the project.


  1. Budgetary Requirements


Activities Brief Description Nature of Expenses No. of Persons Involved Amount Per Person Total Amount
Project Team/ Technical and Working Group First Meeting Meeting with the members to orient them about the project. Snacks




8 persons



8 persons

Php 30.00




   240. 00



560. 00

Project Team/ Technical and Working Group Second Meeting Meeting with the members to orient them about the project. Snacks




8 persons



8 persons

Php 30.00




   240. 00



560. 00

Total 1, 600. 00


Note: The budget for the meeting will be coming from the Revolving Fund of the school.


  1. Project Timetable
Time/ Duration Activities Expected Output
August 8, 2016 First Meeting with the Project Team Budget Statements, Launching Program Invitations.
August 10, 2016 PTA Assembly Meeting List of Workers, List of Donors
August 13, 2016 Project B.O.A.R.D. Program Launching Pictures
August 14- 18, 2016 Creation of boards Boards
August 19, 2016 Installments of  boards Pictures
August 23, 2016 Second Meeting with the Project Team Documentation/ Narrative and Financial Reports
August 26, 2016 Publication of Financial reports Financial reports posted on the Transparency Board



  1. Expected Output


The project team is expected to install chalkboards and bulletin boards at the right time. The team will pass the narrative report to the Schools Division Office I Pangasinan.


  • Attachments
  • Data about the Students Population.
  • Data about the number of rooms and the number of blackboards needed.

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