My Ideal Curriculum

This is my output for Curriculum Development subject in the Master’s Degree Program I graduated.



Philippine School of Communication Arts (PSCA) is a privately owned high school with branches in all regions of the country. The operation of the school is allowed having its compliance on the requirements set by the Department of Education.


With the large demands on information processing, communication is essential to deliver information at the right time and the right amount. PSCA found this need as opportunities for Filipinos to excel and to attain progress.



To be the frontrunner on developing Filipino students with exemplary communicative competence, good values, and skills who can pursue higher education and obtain jobs in the country and abroad.



The mission of PSCA is to provide quality education relevant to the needs of society; to nurture students to have a strong command in English language which is an important factor in joining interactions and communication processes from personal up to industrial aspects; and to showcase talents and abilities of students through the help of teachers, administrators and stakeholders.



The following are the goals and objectives of the school. These focus on education/ instruction:



  1. Educate students using the K- 12 Curriculum.
  2. Offer students subjects focusing on Communication arts
  3. Provide learning materials and experiences that happen in the actual


  1. Teach the subjects in high school level prescribed by the Department of Education.
  2. Teach the students English grammar, macro- skills and communicative competence theories and principles.
  3. Use social media platforms (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.) in discussing lessons.
  4. Elucidate to the students the importance of Communication Arts in daily living and in a professional
  5. Empower students to become expressive in giving their ideas considering the norms of the society they are living in.


Teachers are facilitators of learning. Students are expected to be the processors of knowledge which is based on learning by doing the notion of John Dewey, a progressivist.

Students are assessed through standard tests and practicums anchored in communication arts (e.g. interview, writing, theatre arts, radio broadcasting).

Teachers are encouraged to integrate social media platforms in discussing lessons. These media platforms are great avenues to accumulate opinions, obtain ideas and encourage students to interact especially those who are afraid to speak in front of many people.

Furthermore, the teachers should integrate Math concepts in the lessons. Math concepts are helpful to develop reasoning skills among students. Reasoning is an important activity in the communication process.



(Please see Appendix)



The following are the grades offered by the school in this school year:

  1. Junior High School- Grades VII- X
  2. Senior High School- Grades XI-XII

Strands offered: Academic, Technical- Vocational



The following are the partners of the school:


  1. Telecommunication Companies
  2. Smart Communications
  3. Globe
  4. PLDT


  1. TV Companies/ Newspaper Companies
  2. GMA- 7
  3. TV5
  4. CNN Philippines
  5. CNN International
  6. New York Times
  7. Associate Press
  8. Philippine Daily Inquirer


  1. Social Media Sites
  2. Facebook
  3. Twitter
  4. Instagram


  1. Blog Platforms
  2. WordPress




The graduates of PSCA are automatic members of the PSCA Alumni Association. The following are the positions available in the association.


  1. Alumni President
  2. Vice President
  3. Secretary
  4. Sub-secretary
  5. Treasurer
  6. Sub-treasurer
  7. Auditors (2)
  8. Business Managers (2)
  9. Peace Officers (2)

The elected officers will hold the position for three years.


To better serve its clientele, the school is accepting applicants for the following positions:

  1. Head for Research
  2. Head for Extension Programs
  3. Web Developer
  4. Speech Coaches (2)

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