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This reaction paper was written during the Senior High School Teachers Training I attended in La Union this year.

Two Tourism Ads Compared

A Reaction Paper on Tourism Ads of the Philippines and South Africa

The tourism department of the country got embroiled on the “Experience the Philippines” video ad that was released last year. The said campaign was criticized by the netizens as it was compared with the 2014 “Inspiring New Ways” advertisement of South Africa in promoting its tourism. The people behind the controversial video was alleged of plagiarizing the concept of the South African ad which is making a visually- impaired person as the subject who appreciates the beauty, culture, and hospitality of the country despite his condition.

When one tries to compare the two videos, he might find himself thinking that this is just a coincidence. The local ad caters an authentic story of a Japanese retiree who chose to settle in the Philippines. Meanwhile, the subject in the other video was a British tourist. Moreover, the local ad was created as a convincing tool for the foreigners to make Philippines as a retirement haven.

For the technical aspect, the videos are presented in opposite ways. The Filipino ad has an upbeat sound effect and fast transition of scenes while the South African video was shown with slow transition and dramatic beat. For the color of the motion pictures, the local ad is more vibrant.        However, the timing of revealing the subjects are blind caused a stir to everyone who watched the said videos. This resolution put the Department of Tourism (DOT) ad into condemnation. The sensationalism that the makers of the local campaign copied concept from the concept of the other country affected the intention. This incident is inevitable as people can access various files from the Internet in just few clicks. The video was not given the chance to serve its purpose because of throwing shades on it and on the bandwagon the natives made in social media sites.

In the world of fiction, theme of one story may have similarity with the theme of other’s story. Literary webbing is done in literature to gauge and compare stories if they are similar for easier understanding. In the case of the local ad, the story is original but the way makers of the video told it is comparable with how the South African video was told. The editing of the video became the source of the problem.

It is improper to say that the Philippines’ ad is a copycat because of the time the videos were released. It cannot be concluded that the makers used the South African ad as a peg. The two must be treated on what the purpose and sincerity of the campaigns are.

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