Salute to All Heroes of Classrooms

We commemorate National Heroes’ Day in our country today. We remember the bravery, sacrifices, and heroism of the people who fought wholeheartedly for our independence from the invaders. We celebrate the lives of prominent figures in our history such as Rizal, Bonifacio, Del Pilar and the like. They bore persecutions and faced death with no hesitation just to free the nation from bondage.

We have an inclination that a hero is a person who uses swords, guns or other weapons. This thinking is highly applicable a century ago. Nowadays, heroes are seen everywhere. Heroes of the millennium does not need to offer blood literally just to be called as such. Today’s heroes have patriotism that can be seen in their jobs or purposes in the communities they belong. Some of these personalities are seen in the classrooms.

Heroes of the schools are armed with laptop computers, chalk, cartolina, and other instructional materials. They are donned with their uniform that set them from the rest of the professionals. They spend sleepless nights and even beat the alertness of the roosters at dawn for them to prepare for their appearance in the battlefield of learning. They go to school as passengers of buses, trains, tricycles, and motorcycles. Some even walk longer miles as they cross rivers, seas, and mountains.

They handle classes with joy through singing, dancing, acting and the combination of the three. They motivate the learners, reckon them, and support them to reach their dreams. They never stop teaching the young until they master the competencies prescribed by the curriculum.

They try to cater everything in their subjects despite the inadequacies found in their classrooms. In fact, they are resourceful in their materials just to have direct, firsthand learning experiences.

These heroes have multi-tasking skills. They serve as counselors, nurses, coaches, trainers, artists, masters of ceremonies, cooks/ canteen managers, gardeners, etc. They try handle things by not being affected of their personal problems. They are versatile at all times and reach standards that can qualify them as world- class teachers.

To all heroes of classrooms, salute. You are the contemporary heroes that build dreams and change the country. Continue to serve amidst the challenges you meet in your ways. Your influence can make our history more memorable and could last a lifetime. Your spirit might get wounded because of problems, but your passion keeps you going. May God bless you in your battlecry for better future.


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