Public School Teacher Carl Turns 3

Today marks my third anniversary in the Department of Education. I cannot believe that I have reached this too far. The inclusion in the public service three years ago is still fresh to me. Sunday is the day reminiscing yesterdays, so it is just to think back my journey as a teacher in the public schools.

My father convinced me to try applying for a teacher item, January 2015. I was a private college instructor then and I have adjusted in the tertiary school system as it was my second month in my first job. The decision was never easy. I dreamed of staying in the higher education institution as I advocate helping college students to realize their dreams. I submitted my pertinent papers in my Alma Mater, Tondol National High School, February of the same year. I prepared thoroughly for my application process. My quest was not a bed of roses, as I need to compete with hundreds of applicants within the largest schools division office in Pangasinan.

I underwent English Proficiency Test, interview, and demonstration teaching and skills. In the DepEd Order No. 7, 2015 I had only 66 points. I lagged four points to appear in the registry of qualified applicants (RQA). I was hopeless that time, but my goal was given breath when the recalibration of registry of applicants happened after the releasing of RQA. I and other hopefuls grabbed the second chance and waited again for the releasing of the results. In the new list, I ranked number three among the remaining applicants. The news was good, but it was the test of time as the school year 2015- 2016 had commenced and the items were rapidly given.

I was afraid that time. I resigned from my stint as an instructor and I was a local school board teacher in the newly- approved integrated school in my town. My job before was job order and I could be replaced anytime as permanent teachers were deployed. I got a relief when a staff of the division office texted to report in the office and prepared my papers. I received the photocopy of my appointment dated August 12, 2015. The bonus in my hiring was my assignment in Anda Integrated School where I had my two- month job as a local school board teacher.

In my first year, I was given chances to join ICT trainings due to my designation as an ICT coordinator of Anda IS. I also served as a clerk of course in Division Athletic meet. I had my chance to participate Gabay Guro Teacherfest of PLDT- Smart.

As I approached my second year, DepEd was looking for second batch of Senior High School teachers. My dream to teach higher education subjects came alive. However, I was in the point that I do not want to live my first home which has no senior high school grades that time. I tried to apply for me not to have any regrets for not trying. I underwent application process anew, and I was hired as a senior high school teacher in my Alma Mater.

The beginning of the school year 2017- 2018 was a roller coaster of emotions for me. I need to go to Anda IS for my last day of service which is a protocol before going to the new station. I became reserved with my emotions as I tried not to shed tears. However, I failed to contain my feelings as I outburst when I attended in my last class. On the next day, I was again in the honeymoon stage as I fully embraced the life of being a senior high school teacher.

My second year was fruitful. I attended two trainings for Grade 12 subjects in Agoo, La Union. I also established the official newspaper of our school which was my dream when I was a high school student. I had my winnings in my first appearance in the press conference as a coach. Furthermore, I am assigned as ICT coordinator of the senior high school department.

As I reached this milestone, I am looking forward to attending more seminars for my career growth and joining contests to help the learners realize their dreams.

Being a teacher is not easy. There are sleepless nights and testing your patience portion plus the challenges as a person and as a child. There are pressures and expectations. I have been experiencing these for my first three years. I know that there are innumerable trials in my way. I just pray to God that I can endure all problems in my journey full of bumpy roads. Happy anniversary to me.


No food for celebration. Tipid tipid din pag may time.

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