Tondol NHS Christmas Program 2017 Spiel

I was tasked as the emcee of the general Christmas program of our school. Here is my spiel.

To the Principal I of this school, Dr. Jeannette Liwaliw,

To our fellow teachers,

To the supportive parents headed by PTA President Amadeo D. Garibay, Jr.

To the learners,



Ladies and gentlemen, good afternoon.

December is one of the happiest months in the year. This is the month when we look forward for delicious food, family reunions, sales in the malls, and vacation.  These are possible because of Christmas.

But, as the years go by, we put the reason for the season least in our priorities. That’s why the Supreme Student Government come up with this affair. Welcome to the General Christmas 2017 Program of Tondol National High School with the theme “Intensifying the Essence of Christmas.” This is the program where we have the time to reflect and strengthen our Christmas traditions and faith in our Savior.

To begin with, we may ask the public to stand for the singing of National Anthem with Choral Group, leading. This is immediately followed by doxology with TNHS Dance Group, leading. Then, the singing of Pangasinan Hymn with Choral Group, leading.

Mr. Freddie O. Cacho, faculty club president of this school, gives his welcome address.

At this point, let us be taken breathlessly with a special number of Mapanganib Dance Group.

Punong Barangay Oscar C. Flores of Barangay Tondol states his Christmas Message.

This time, the GSP Retro-dancers of Tondol NHS presents a special number.

Now, PTA President Amadeo D. Garibay, Jr. will give another Christmas Message.

The program has something that audience will enjoy: the competitions. This time, Ms. Marissa C. Collado, Teacher reads the criteria in the contests.

To introduce the people who will have a nerve- wrecking moment in choosing the winners, Melaida C. Castañar does the honor.

Before the competition starts, another special number will be performed by BSP.


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