Maestro is Back!

Hello friends! I am definitely back.

After six months, I am back on WordPress- powered site. The last time that I have my posts under this site name was the time that my domain was functioning.

I thought that I cannot go back online with my domain because of my early struggles on blogging. My transition in my new teaching career occurred during that time. I also need to settle my financial obligations that made me to sacrifice my blog.

Thanks, God! I am able to go back on track. This time, I’ll be smarter in tinkering this blog.

I am excited to tell my stories that piled up in my brain. I really miss to scribble my activities in my job especially that I am now a Senior High School teacher. Yes, you read it right! I made a crucial decision that really changed and changing my life.

Welcome to my new home. I hope that we will create friendship for the betterment of our learners— the heroes of tomorrow.

For now, let us enjoy the holiday season. I am happy that God really blessed me this year and having this blog is a strong evidence that I am loved by Him.

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